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    Can An Ex Be A Friend ?

    Can An Ex Be A Friend

    My question to you today is Can An Ex Be A Friend ?. I did a poll on Instagram and 75% said yes while 25% said no. Btw if your not already following me in Instagram, what are you waiting for!!.

    In my opinion yes an ex can be a friend. However it all depends on the situation and why things ended. At the same time what’s the sense of keeping someone in your heart. At the end of the day it’s eating you away and no one else.

    If things ended on a not so bad note or a good note or even a very bad note yes you can be friends. It all has to do with forgiveness and moving on with your life. I’m gonna be transparent with you loves. My longest relationship was 4 years and well being together for so long you think that yes the next step is coming, however it did not. I hated him for years with the way things ended. But that did not help me in moving on.

    Hating him made me have problems in my next relationship. In ways which were not healthy. Forgiving him lifted a weight off my shoulder that I didn’t realize was there until I did. Talking to him and putting everything behind and him apologizing did so much for me. I didn’t realize how pent up I was and all I was bottling inside.

    Today he is a friend and like a brother to me. You may say a brother and chuckle, yes I know you’re chuckling at the thought. The fact is to how much I hated him for years and in the end forgiving him. I had brotherly love for him not the kind of love that would make me ever want to get into a relationship with him. I don’t know if you understand where I’m coming from but that’s as best as I can explain it.

    To the point at which I’m coming from yes I do think your ex can be a friend at the same time it all depends not every ex can be a friend and that’s a fact. Doesn’t mean you should keep malaise though. You can say hi and bye that’s it if that person can’t be a friend. Just don’t keep that person in your heart.

    At the end of the day once you have a free heart and you have forgiven your past, it won’t affect your future.