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    Expect the unexpected

    Hey Guys Happy Monday!! You all must be wondering where have I been?

    The unexpected happened last week Thursday when i started not feeling well, I went to the doctor the Friday but the medication didn’t really help, by Monday my mom rushed me to the ER where i was admitted so I have been in the hospital from Monday, as most of you have read my about me story you know my condition, if you haven’t you can read it Here to fully understand. Basically they fixed one problem and caused a next.

    I kept saying that one of the injections that they were giving me wasn’t making my stomach feel well, on Saturday morning things took another turn for the worst again but with God by my side I was able to get up on Sunday morning and walk again. They discharged me yesterday evening which i was so happy about to come home, I am not even 50% but I know God will help me to reaching that 50% and next step 100% better. I won’t get into much detail with everything that happened but reading my story if you haven’t will help you to understand more.

    Living with kidney problems isn’t easy but God has kept me here for 22 years and hes still keeping me and I want to thank him and give him the praise for everything he has done for me till now, sometimes i fall short but he is always there to remind me i need to get back up.

    Let me tell you something guys, if you have your health please look after it because there are many of us out there who wish we were more healthy but we are not so don’t wait until things start happening to you to look after yourself make time, eat healthy, eat less take out cook more at home.

    I don’t have much strength but I am laying down writing this post and I know my God will help me to get through it all, you may even see a post everyday!! Just to try and makeup for the time lost, ray for me guys as i pray for you all, serve the lord and praise him everyday, don’t wait until something is wrong, praise him morning noon and night, talk to him just like you would talk to your friends and family, you might not get a physical answer but know he will and hes always on time.

    Being in the hospital for the week I learnt a lot more about how people are and how selfless they can be, it’s sad but true, some people are in certain professions for the money not because they want to help and care for others but just to put money in their pockets.

    My thought to you today is in life you never know where you might end up so treat people the way you would want to be treated, with respect love and care, because the same people who you might have treated badly you just might fall right back into their hands