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    Happy Wednesday Loves!! Hows your week going, Are you preparing for Christmas, hows all the prepping and shopping going?

    Sometime we all fall off the wagon on being healthy and even starting to be healthy, it isn’t easy I know it isn’t but for some who have health conditions like myself we have to keep up with our health and do whats best to keep trying to reach our full health potential.

    We all want to go to the doctor and hear that we have a clean bill of health but that’s not always the cause is it! Nahh sometimes we hear what we don’t want to but guess what you have a chance at trying to correct it if it isn’t too late, to me it’s never too late doctors cant always determine whether you live or die, some give people 6 months to live and 3 years later they are still alive, they might not be fully well and might have a few aches and pains but they thank God each day for speared life.

    Guys I implore to you if you have good health don’t throw it away because being sick isn’t easy especially for those who aren’t really on the wealthy side or cant afford health insurance, trust me it’s better you spend the extra dollar or two and get the healthier stuff your body will thank you later when you get to skip those expensive doctor and hospital bills.

    Sometimes even when you think your healthy your not so get your yearly full body check ups and get your blood works done, don’t wait until you fall ill to go to the doctor or get a check up, for the females do your yearly pap- smears and for the males do your yearly prostate checks.
    Now a days even young men are getting prostate cancer, its funny because back in the day only older men got prostate cancer, illness now a days doesn’t care about age even babies are having type 2 diabetics so guys, I beg you keep up with your health and don’t frown on as I said spending the extra dollars for the more healthy stuff because your body and your pocket will thank you later, trust me it will.

    Also try to get some form of exercise in no matter your busy schedule, take time out and take care of yourself because you cant only run on fuel just like a car you also need oil to keep going right so guys if you haven’t gotten your check ups for the year take the time out and get it now when you can.

    And sometimes instead of drinking the processed drinks and sodas or as some of you call it pop blend your own drink they can last up to three days in the fridge then you can freeze it to keep it going for longer, instead of eating out look up recipes on pinterest and prepare your own meals, if your a busy person do meal preps on the weekends. And make sure you get your daily intake of the recommended amount of water as much as possible, you will have less infections.

    I hope you enjoyed  this post guys, have a lovely day