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    Holiday Health Kit

    Happy Wednesday guys!!! Welcome to another health post Wednesday!!! How’s your week been going, it is ok?

    The holidays are drawing closer and closer to the holidays, and during the holidays we tend to eat more and fall off our healthy eating wagon and we stuff our faces with food, do you do that? Who doesn’t!! We all cheat during holiday time if you tell me you don’t hmm that can’t be true.

    So here is a little kit for if your planning on ditching your workouts and you decide to enjoy the fine wine and food for the holidays with friends and family

    Start your meal with a salad or soup because that will help to fill you up so you will make you indulge less in the yummy food that’s in front of you. So basically i’m saying eat in moderation

    Use a smaller plate instead of a large one, this will help you to eat in smaller portions and not eat too much.

    Practice in doing the 80/20 guide which means you eat 80% healthy and the other 20% can be indulging in the fun treats and desserts.

    Have a lovely day guys and hope your enjoying the posts!!!