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    Talk/Listen to your partner

    Happy Monday Loves!! How was your weekend? Did you enjoy it?

    Why is it that when something is wrong with a guy they always say nothing is wrong or I’m fine, when deep down you know something is really bothering you. When we ask what’s wrong we are giving you the opportunity to talk to us, to listen to you and help in any way we can.

    Is it that you think we as women won’t understand or that we won’t be able to help you?  If you don’t talk to us how will you know if we can help you or not.
    Sometimes men put up this barrier because they don’t want to seem weak or they feel that if they open to their girlfriend/wife we won’t look at them the same.  If you know you’re with a good woman you shouldn’t be scared to show your emotions or talk to her. She should be the one you can talk to about any and everything she should be your best friend.
    The same goes for us as women too at times. Take away the fear and talk to your other half, if your important to that person as they say you are he/she will listen to you.
    So today if there is something bothering you and your scared to talk to your girlfriend or your boyfriend just be brave and go sit and talk to that person, you never know they just might brighten your day.
    Does your partner talk to you? Do you have to force your partner to talk to you?