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Kel’s Your Body & Mine

Kel’s Your Body & Mine is owned by yours truly!!. For those who don’t know I’m not only a blogger to Ms Sparkle & Glow but I’m an entrepreneur at Kel’s Your Body & Mine. Before you ask Kel’s stands for my full name. I’ve been working on my business for the past 2 1/2 years. I must say it’s not easy running a business. It takes time to grow and even more time before you’ll be even able to pay yourself so never think starting a business is easy money. It all takes work, determination, sweat and tears.

Kel’s is about everything beauty, skincare, hair care makeup and accessories. Both Jamaican and international products are stocked. In the month of November Kel’s launched its line of soaps Kel’s Your Body & Mine Organics. Which is a variety of all natural soaps. There is garlic soap, tomato soap, tumeric soap charcoal soap and charmeric soap which is a mixture of charcoal and tumeric. Coming soon to the collection will be tumeric + soap, hemp soap and garmeric soap which is a mixture of garlic and tumeric. Last but not least will be a charcoal mask.

Kel’s Your Body & Mine

For the future of Kel’s Your Body & Mine i’d love to continue growing and helping others take care of their skin, hair and slaying their makeup with great products. And something I have up my sleeve is coming out with another skincare item and a makeup item. Stay tuned to see what’s coming and also have you ever shopped at Kel’s Your Body & Mine ?. If not what are you waiting for?. Tell your fiends and family and let’s grow together.

Struggling with skincare or haircare problems be sure to contact me and I’ll be happy to help. Thank you so much for stopping by!. See you in the next ft Wednesday!!.


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