Being Misjudged By Others

Being Misjudged By Others

Often times we are Being Misjudged By Others because of the way we act or not talking at all. I must say I’ve been misjudged all the time people always think of me as stuck up until the get to know me. After they do get to know me then they say. I didn’t know you were such a cool person or such a great person to be around . Everyone is carrying around their own troubles and are scared of opening up to people. Don’t judge others by their face or the way they act. People act a certain way at times for a reason.

Why Judge Others?

For me if I don’t know you or I’m not usto you I’ll stand there say hello but never talk. And that’s just me. If you don’t start a convo, I won’t start one. I’ve been judged because of how serious I look when on the road or sitting by myself. Really and truly I’m just a cool down to earth girl who loves writing, cars, trucks, video games and more. Being shy that’s always been me so it’s hard for me to really reach out to people. Being an introvert is a good can be a good and a bad thing.

When I started being an entrepreneur I learnt to be a little more extroverted than being introverted. Interacting with people it was hard at first but it got usto it. I’ve learnt over time it wasn’t easy but I tried I’m not gonna say I’m fully extroverted. No I’m not and I don’t think I’ll ever be but I got to the point where I am able to interact with others better.

Stop judging people based off what you see and get to know people more before you judge them. Do you think judging people is the best thing for you to do?. I do know what it’s like to be misjudged by others and it really hurts at times. Get to know others before judging them.

Put yourself in a persons position and what they could be going through or what they have been through before you judge them. It could be you that’s being judged. So before you judge others think about yourself first.

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