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Adore Me
Every woman should be able to feel confident in their own skin. Whether your petite, average or plus sized. Sometimes that’s not the case.  You don’t feel as confident as you want to because of your flaws.  Until you start loving your flaws there will always be lack of confidence. Here is a woman who feels so proud of her self and has high confidence. She looks past her flaws and shines with confidence. She is none other than +LoeyLane she did a video for Adore Me  using their  Plus sized lingerie ,you can click here to watch the video. The video says it all.
What makes me feel beautiful is knowing that I am me and there is no one like me.  Being told i’m beautiful by others and getting a smile or even just a glance from someone makes me feel beautiful.  Also I should not need anyone to tell me I should know that I am Beautiful.
You may not always feel confident because you are called skinny or fat. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Do not let anyone make you think otherwise. If people cant accept you for who you are then that’s their business and not yours. Sometimes people say you’re skinny and i feel offended.I reassure myself that there are people out their who are wishing to be my size. Wishing to look like me so snap out of it. Ladies tell yourself each day when you look in the mirror  that you’re beautiful. If you have no one to help you build your confidence build it on your own start with baby steps.
You should feel comfortable in anything you wear. Boost your confidence by going out and purchasing a nice Lingerie or even a piece of clothing you feel insecure in and wear it. Feel proud of yourself and feel confident. Boost your confidence step by step.
Adore yourself

 Sometimes its not that you don’t have the confidence, it’s a case where your confidence was shattered by someone you love/loved.  That person may say  your too skinny or your too fat.  If that person cant love you for who you are then that person isn’t right for you. A person loves you would be helping you to feel better about yourself instead of making you feel less about yourself. If that person can’t adore you then you need to learn to adore yourself.

Whether your petite, average or plus sized you are beautiful.You should feel comfortable in your own skin, feel confident feel, poised you name it. So today if there is a flaw you have and your embarrassed about it. I implore you to get over that fear and flaunt that flaw that you have like there is no one in the world but you. You are beautiful and you will always be you and there is no one like you. Adore yourself and in time the right person will adore you too.
Adore Yourself


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