6 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Quickly

6 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Quickly

This is the one emotion and experience that I know everyone has had to endure and go through at one stage in their lives. No matter the age, we have all felt heartache in some way or another. It sucks but it’s true. 

You think kids don’t feel this, they do. Pets that might pass away, or like my children having to move countries and leave friends behind, their little hearts also hurt. The looks on their tiny faces and their eyes shining bright with tears they are holding in as best they can let’s just say it’s not a great feeling.

6 Ways and some others, to Get Over a Breakup Quickly
6 Ways and some others, to Get Over a Breakup Quickly

Let’s have a look at how we can, or do, deal with these situations as an adult and see if we can get a better understanding of how to handle it all better.

Stage 1.

You’ve been broken up with. It’s feeling like an elephant is standing on top of you and not looking to move anytime soon. This might be the case, everyone ‘gets over’ heartache in their own time, but it will happen. Until then, you are going to go through a rollercoaster of emotions, you know they’re coming. I suggest you buckle-up

Even with all the hurt, you are feeling, DO NOT try to take revenge on your ex. They might deserve it, and you probably know their weak spots, but it’s not going to help either of you in any way shape or form. You will just add fuel to the fire. This is a no-go.

Stage 2.

Out of sight out of mind as the saying goes-Keep Busy. Seeing items around the house you might have used together in cooking, or maybe a plant you bought together can only make things harder. Get out of the house. Do something by yourself, join a class or pursue that hobby you always kept on the back burner.

If you are looking for fresh ideas you would never have thought to do alone, try it now, click here  for new activities to try out, and you’ll see, lots of possible new friends to make. They don’t have to dent your wallet, just keep your mind active and having fun.

6 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Quickly
6 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Quickly

Stage 3.

Don’t dive straight into a tub of ice-cream. Yes, it might take care of you for this second, but it’s not loyal. And you’ve done the unloyalty gig, it’s boring. No, go and take care of yourself. Take care of your health. 

Go to the gym and run it out, spin it out or sweat it out. The main thing is you will be getting it out. See a nutritionist, design a new lifestyle eating plan. The good you’ll be putting inside will shine to the outside. And you’ll bounce back quicker.

Stage 4.

I haven’t gone through a break up thankfully for the past 14years-my husband might get a shock- but that doesn’t mean I don’t still send voice notes to friends and family and vent till the cows come home. 

Or I phone my mom, yes, I’m over 30 and talk her ear off for hours on end. The thing is, we need to talk.

We need to get out what we’re feeling, just saying it out loud brings a calming sense of closure, and hearing other opinions on the matter might make you see things from a different perspective. 

You can talk to family or friends, or a therapist or perhaps your pastor at church. Where ever you feel the most comfortable will shed the most light. You can read the advice and similar stories on getting over a breakup here, and see you are not alone in this.

Stage 5.

Now that you are getting back on track and looking fit and fabulous, this doesn’t mean that the deserved attention indicates you immediately jump into a new relationship with the first eyelashes batting your direction. Just soak it all up, let it make you feel good and carry on doing you.

A new interest won’t heal old wounds, and will only prolong any closure you are looking to get. Avoiding dealing with the past and jumping into the future is not a first aid kit. Go for a coffee or do a gym class together maybe, wade your feet in the water, but don’t just go swimming.

Stage 6.

The last but certainly not least important advice is please, whatever you do, do not be that person who looks at every single movement of their ex on social media. Do not look at who they’re hanging out with or which events they’re attending. This will only make you crazy and isn’t your life worth more paying attention to right now.

If you were together for a while you are bound to bump into each other. You might still be in the same circle of friends, and enjoy the same places.

If you do see them, act cool, be polite. Don’t be rude. And if you can’t handle it, avoid those places for a while. 

You can find new better places; this is the wonder of turning a new page. Not sure where? Lucky for you this handy video guide is the perfect place. Get your pen and paper ready, I hope you’re hungry. I love new places to eat and trying new dishes, some winners some not, but they all have a memory in them.

6 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Quickly
6 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Quickly

Either way, whatever you decide to do or whichever stage you are on, the mere fact that you have decided to do something, to make a change, is only positive in my book. 

There is no point in hiding under the duvet for a week straight and coming out with your hair looking like it can hold itself up without any product or help. Besides, if you lived together, it might be time to donate those sheets and bedding and get your fresh chapter started. 

Nothing like a good latte and a wander around the shops to get your mind off things. Who knew lattes were so powerful? Sneaky things.

What are your 6 Ways to Get Over a Breakup Quickly?.

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