5 Romantic Things to do for him/her

5 Romantic Things to do
We all need to need pampered once in a while. To be loved by our significant other and also spending extra time together and bonding with each other as much as you can. It’s the little things that you do for each other that makes each other feel appreciated and loved.
 I will just be sharing with you (5) five things that you can do for each other.
For her
  • Make her dinner instead of going out. Make it a more intimate affair light some candles, play songs that you both love. Get a bottle of her favorite wine to go with the dinner, even set out an outfit for her to wear to dinner. If it’s a surprise just tell her to wear something nice. 
  • Take her away for the weekend or take a mini vacay for a week if you both are able to get away from work. Explore, try something new together. Enjoy each other’s company and get to know each other a little more than you already do.
  • Surprise her with a gift to show that you were thinking about her. Whether it be an outfit, her favorite candy, something that she has been wanting a long time. Or even take her some flowers unexpectedly just to show that you care and that you are thinking about her.
  • Give her a massage, pamper her and show her that you care. Ask her how her day was while giving her the massage.
  • Never miss special dates, whether it be, birthdays, anniversary because girls do care about stuff like that. Cuddle with her and watch a movie or just cuddle and talk to her speak on topics that she likes and things that she’s interested in. Show her that her life is important you and that you support her.
For him
Males love being pampered and I know this from experience. They also need to feel loved and appreciated too. Sometime we as women get so use to being pampered by them we forget that they need to be pampered and loved too.
  • Give him a facial. Males are not persons who have a skincare routine like us females at least some males. So if he isn’t that type of person give him a facial and do the routine you would normally do to yourself. He will appreciate this and feel loved.
  • Surprise him with his favourite snack and making it look pretty like doing a diy. You can find lots of ideas on Pinterest. Or even if he loves his video games get him one that he has been wanting. You can also surprise him with a new shirt. If you’re feeling spontaneous you can by him flowers too lol. It could turn out as a joke between you both or even him appreciating the gesture.
  •  You could plan a date night by making him dinner, giving him a massage and a pedicure. He will appreciate it especially if he is the type of guy who loves being pampered by his girlfriend.
  • You can organize a guy’s night for him with his friends so he can spend time with his friends. 
  • Sit him down and talk to him express yourself and if you’re not brave enough to do so write him a letter. Speaking of letters you could even bring him lunch at work and attach the letter to it just to let him know that you love and appreciate him. Sometimes we need to remind them why they chose us to be their other half.
 I do hope you liked this post and my ideas on what you can do for your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you liked this post share it with your friends or share it with someone you think might find it interesting.

5 Romantic Things to do
Do you like being pampered?. Does your boyfriend or girlfriend pamper you?.
Before i go i just want to leave this thought with you. Appreciate the small things in life you don’t have to buy expensive gifts or do something extravagant for your other half to feel appreciated by you. It’s the small things you do that makes it special and the though you put into it.
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