5 Do’s and Don’ts in a Relationship

5 Do's and Don'ts in a Relationship

5 Do’s and Don’ts in a Relationship.   At some point in time we were all new to relationships right?. We do live and learn lessons as we go along. Do we learn from our mistakes? Or do we keep on making the same mistakes?.


Don’t be judgmental. Never judge a book by its cover because you might see a person and think oh that person is not good for me. Or I don’t think he/she is my type or the relationship wouldn’t work but it’s the total opposite of what you thought. Eventually maybe knowing the person you find out he/she is perfect for you and vice versa. You may think that guy or girl looks like someone that you can get into a relationship with but in reality he/she turns out to be a player and isn’t ready for a serious or steady relationship. So never be judgmental when you see or meet someone.    

Don’t let your past get in the way of your present relationship. So if it means you don’t talk about your past relationship much especially if he/she doesn’t like it. If a question arises and you need to talk about something from your past then ok. Don’t make it a priority to bring up your past and discuss too much of what went on in your past unless it’s necessary.      

Never alter your mind or your opinion because he or she may disagree or because you are more versed a certain things than the other. Don’t limit yourself, just be you and let that person appreciate you for you and if they can’t then that person isn’t for you.    

Don’t limit yourself to one type of person. If you keep choosing the same type of women or men then your relationships will always fail. Instead keep an open mind to dating different types of people. You never know maybe the opposite of what you’re looking for is just right for you. Sometimes we look in a certain path but that’s not the path God wants us to trod. Be more open when selecting a partner.    

Don’t get too deep into a relationship especially when it’s new. Get to know that person as much as you can. Learn as much as you can about them before you give them your all. Because if you end up being disappointed the heartbreak will be much worst.  

5 Do's and Don'ts in a Relationship


Respect each other especially when it comes to the part about intimacy. I’m not saying you can’t say how you feel. Just reveal how you feel about him or her gradually as you go along, you can even start with a little story then you can go deeper into the convo as you go along. Respect each other also in words.    

Be a gentleman, it’s modern times but it’s still great when you see a guy opening the door for a lady. Or even paying for dinner. Letting her feel like she’s the only girl in the world and also ladies treat your man and let him feel like he’s the only guy in the world too. Sometimes we are so caught up in feeling the way you feel you forget he needs to feel the same way too.  

  Talk to each other about yourselves and share your goals, values and what you want to accomplish and where you would like to see yourself in the future. Be open with each other.    

Always try to keep a conversation going. Show your interests in one another, and be a little inquisitive if you must.    

Balance your time for each other and communication is a major thing in a relationship. Honesty comes with it all as well. So always try to make time for that special person in your life. Communicate with each other and be honest with each other, as the saying says honesty is the best policy.    

What are your 5 do’s and don’ts in a relationship?   Thanks for reading I do hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to share and subscribe for updates on my latest posts.                    

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