5 Body Shapes And Their Perfect Cocktail Dresses

5 Body Shapes And Their Perfect Cocktail Dresses

5 Body Shapes And Their Perfect Cocktail Dresses. When it comes to cocktail dresses, there’s often a debate about the perfect design, colour or length. Typically, they’re short, fitted dresses that may have a little detail, like sequins or lace.

Before you even look at different dresses, here’s how to choose the right cocktail dress for your body shape.


  • Pear Shape


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If you’re a pear shape, your upper body is smaller than your lower body. So, you may have thicker legs, wide hips and a small bust with narrow shoulders. If this is you, the trick is to highlight your collarbone and slender shoulders with an evening dress that draws attention to those areas.

Cocktail dresses that are strapless, sleeveless or halter neck will draw eyes towards your upper body, balancing out your proportions and ensuring you look elegant. Statement neckpieces and plunging necklines also work really well.

If you prefer a flowy evening gown, opt for a full skirt, such as a mermaid, flared or A-line skirt as they forgive your hips and keep things classy. You can also check out the variety of sexy prom dresses 2019 fashionistas can get from Peaches Boutique.

  • Rectangular Shape

If you have a slender and athletic build, your body is a rectangular shape. This means you have a small bust, narrow hips and shoulders and thin thighs.

Since you are straight without curves, go for sexy dresses that create the illusion of curves, such as dresses with asymmetric details and peplum dresses. These styles are perfect for creating the illusion of a curvy shape.

Empire waists are ideal for you, too, as they add volume above and below the midriff, accentuating that tiny waist. Dresses with pleats or asymmetric details also give you beautiful curves.

As for your smaller bust, go ahead and experiment with different necklines to find the ones that boost your confidence. Sweetheart or scooped necklines along with tassels and chest details all work well.


  • Hourglass Shape

This is by far the most proportioned feminine shape and your bust evenly balances your hips in width.

If this is you, you can flaunt your assets with shorter cocktails dresses that enhance your curves. Bandage and bodycon dresses work really well for you, along with dresses that end just above your knee, nipping in at the waist.


  • Inverted Triangle


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If you have broad shoulders, an abundant bust, narrow waist and hips along with slender legs, you’re an inverted triangle. You’re probably more substantial on top, so pick a dress that adds volume to your hips and draws attention away from the upper body. This helps to balance out proportions.

By highlighting your waistline, you can create the illusion of an hourglass shape. So, go for shorter cocktail dresses that show off your legs and waist. Details below your waist like flowing skirts, pleating and A-line also work well and you can create the illusion of narrower shoulders by choosing cap sleeves, spaghetti straps or sweetheart necklines.

  • Diamond Shape

If you have a substantial midsection, you’re probably a diamond shape. Dresses with soft draping material can transform your look. To rock a cocktail dress, streamline your form by creating the illusion of a narrow waist and accentuate your bust. Flared dresses work really well for you!

Use these tips to find the perfect cocktail dress to flaunt your body shape!

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