5 Beauty Mistakes (And How You Can Avoid Them)

5 Beauty Mistakes

5 Beauty Mistakes. We all want to be beautiful. When we feel beautiful on the outside, it changes the way we feel on the inside. With a pinch of happiness and a boost in our confidence, we can be our best selves. What does being beautiful mean to you? Long, shiny hair? Flawless skin? Painted nails?

Unfortunately, many of our attempts to be beautiful are common and hard-to-break mistakes. There are also things that we should be doing that we often fail to. If you’re hoping to obtain your best appearance, it’s important to be well-educated. That said, let’s discuss how we can recognize and avoid some of the top five beauty mistakes.

  1. Not drinking enough water daily

Ask anyone how much water they drink on a daily basis. Either they won’t have an answer for you, or they’ll respond by saying, “Not much.” This is a sad reality. Not only is drinking plenty of water crucial for your overall health, but it can impact your physical appearance too.

Some of us are aware that for our organs to properly function, they require the right amount of water. But what many fail to recognize is that skin is an organ too, in fact, the latest organ we have. How many specific health benefits of drinking water can you think of on the top of your head?

According to research, without enough water, skin may flake, lose its sheen and elasticity, and/or show premature signs of aging. Interestingly, we can also suffer from oily skin without enough water. Additionally, dehydration can cause dandruff, hair thinning or loss, and lack of hair growth.

For beautiful skin and hair, drink the recommended amount of water daily for your age, body type, and activity level. If you need to remember to drink the right amount of water, set reminders on your phone or computer. You may also want to fill a jug with water you plan to consume by the end of the day.

Putting aesthetics aside, just think of the other benefits water can have on your body in terms of organ function. To look your best, you must also feel your best and function your best. When you put both beauty and health into the picture, it can become easier to remember to drink more water.

  1. Washing hair everyday

Many enjoy taking daily showers, especially if they workout frequently. While it makes sense to keep clean, some don’t realize that washing hair daily is actually unhealthy for hair.

Statistics show that Americans wash their hair with shampoo 4.9 days a week on average. In other words, most Americans wash their hair about at least every work or school day.

But interestingly, research has found that hair doesn’t just lose its natural oils when washed too much but also minerals. Specifically, overwashed hair contains almost half as much calcium, about 40-percent less potassium, and approximately a quarter less of sodium.

The natural oil our hair produces, known as sebum, is important for keeping the scalp and hair healthy. However, shampoo can strip the hair of healthy sebum levels. In turn, we may suffer with dandruff, increased risks of hair breakage, and dry locks. Most of us want opposite results.

Instead, washing your hair once or twice a week is said to be ideal. Set one or two days a week where you will thoroughly wash your hair. You can reduce hair from getting oily throughout the week by only conditioning the tips of your hair. Additionally, refrain from brushing the hair too much. Frequent brush stimulates and distributes more oils.

  1. Constantly painting the nails or wearing fake nails around the clock

Ironically, sometimes when our fingernails or toenails appear unhealthy, we cover them up with polish or fake nails. Discolored nails? Polish them up. Short, fragile nails? Get fake nails. That’s the logic many of us use. It’s a very “out of sight, out of mind” way of thinking that isn’t healthy.

Instead, it is important that we let our nails breathe. Individuals who always have polish or fake nails are more likely to suffer with yellow, brittle nails. According to the Mayo Clinic, fake nails, while they may seem innocent, create the perfect environment for fungus to grow.

It may seem that opting for a manicure or pedicure is the best way to achieve beautiful nails. Although, in the process, we are risking nail infections, stunted nail growth, and nail discoloration. Yuck.

To avoid the beauty mistake of getting too many manicures and pedicures, limit your nail salon trip to special occasions. You may even plan to take a two to three week break in between painting nails or getting fake nails. It’s also important that to achieve healthy nails, you soak your toes and fingertips in argan oil once a week.

  1. Rarely washing makeup brushes and other beauty tools

Makeup brushes, hair brushes and combs, toothbrushes, shower loofahs and sponges, and other beauty tools need to be cleaned frequently. However, many of us let these products slide – sometimes forever – without the proper sanitation. This is again another huge beauty mistake.

Different objects, especially ones used in the shower, can grow fungus and mold. Makeup brushes and other applicators can accumulate bacteria and oils from being used on the face. Hair brushes and combs can get built up with hair, skin cells from the scalp, and oils.

Using beauty tools for long periods of time without cleaning them can have consequences. Clogged pores, acne, staph infections, irritated skin, and more wrinkles are all potential risks.

To avoid this beauty mistake, set a day every one to two weeks where you will clean your beauty tools. If you cannot sterilize some of your tools, be sure to replace them. It may seem like a waste of money. However, it is more affordable (and safe) to replace a toothbrush or loofah than it is to pay a medical bill.

  1. Not using natural remedies for ridding of wrinkles

When it comes to anti-wrinkle creams or similar products, it’s either all or nothing. But, is there something more affordable that would still bring positive results with anti wrinkle products? Yes, there is! Many home remedies for wrinkles have proven themselves effective.

Below are some natural remedies you can turn to, to help with wrinkles:

  • Massage pea-sized amounts of olive oil on the face twice daily.
  • Once a week, apply equal parts of lemon and honey to the face. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, and wash off.
  • Apply organic shea butter to aging skin after each shower.
  • Mix one tablespoon of water with one tablespoon of baking soda. Scrub onto affected areas in a circular motion. Leave on for 10 minutes before washing off.
  • Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to wrinkled skin. Leave on overnight, and wash off in the morning.

Whether you have neck and chest wrinkles or stubborn smile lines, you may be able to find a successful remedy. However, one natural remedy may not work for everyone or for every wrinkle.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty can also only be obtained by doing what is right. Neglecting your body’s needs or obtaining beauty in the wrong ways isn’t going to bring you the results you want. Realizing what beauty mistakes you are making is crucial to make improvements in your beauty routine, and thus, appearance.

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  • Reply Kathrine Eldridge

    You reminded me that I need to clean my brushes! These are all great tips!

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    This is such a useful post! I will definitely be using some of your tips!

    August 18, 2018 at 5:04 pm
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    These are so true! I always cringe when people only use wipes to remove their makeup or don’t wash their makeup brushes regularly x


    August 19, 2018 at 12:42 pm
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