4 Toxic Things To Remove From Your Life

Toxic Things To Remove From Your Life

There are Toxic Things To Remove From Your Life and removing them starts today!. At some point in time we all have things in our lives that’s making it toxic. We see it but then we find it hard to get rid of the toxicity out of our lives. It’s not that you want to keep it around but you have to go through stages in order to get rid of them.

Here are 5 Toxic Things To Remove From Your Life:

  1. Always pleasing people.

You cannot please everyone whether it be family or friends. Every answer you give can’t be a yes, you have to learn when to say no I can’t do this or I won’t be available for such a situation. You have to think about you and your best interest too. There are days when you have to choose you, not others but you. Don’t always put people in front of yourself, learn to put you first sometimes.

2. Getting everything instantly.

We are not perfect and nothing comes easy. Maybe you’re usto getting everything your way or things being done asap. Life doesn’t always work that way, everything you do is a process. Whether it be learning, success, relationships you name it, everything has a process. Stop rushing everything you do instead enjoy the process and take tings in strides. Happiness is also a process so enjoy each moment and cherish them.

Remove Toxicity From Your Life

3. Fear of Failing.

Failure can happen at anytime, whether it be failing a test, a failed relationship, failing at life itself. We have to give ourselves room to fail but not let it get us down for too long. Instead use whatever it is that you failed at as a stepping stone to do better next time. Whenever you fail don’t let what others have to say be a bother, us their smirks and their whispers a strength to prove to yourself that you can achieve success.

4. Comparing Yourself to Others

This is one of the most toxic things that you do to yourself all the time!!. Listen you are you and you’re wonderfully made so not because someone looks a certain way or has success and you don’t have any of those things yet. Doesn’t mean your not gonna get there. Stop wanting your life to be like other peoples live. Live your own life, lead your own life, set your own trends and be your own person.

Life can be tough but so are you. Remove toxic things and people from your life s you can be the best version of you. If we all learnt to love ourselves more, not compare ourselves to other, compete with ourselves instead of others. Pleasing ourselves instead of try to please everyone. Just imagine for a minute how different things would be.

Start now, start today by removing toxicity from your life. Whether it be things or people remove it. If its going to make you have a better life and better mental and physical health remove it. Sometimes we fail to see what’s in front of our eyes because we are blinded or we just don’t want to face reality.

It’s better to face reality now that regret not removing toxic things from our lives. Always remember to BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF.

Toxic Things To Remove From Your Life
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