4 Things that will turn off a woman

4 Things that will turn off a woman

4 Things that will turn off a woman. As women sometimes we don’t express ourselves as we should or say exactly whats on our minds. instead we sit and pretend everything is okay when its not and then you have those women who just speaks their mind whether you like it or not. Which are you?

A lot of different things will turn off a woman from a man but today i’m just going to name four, want me to write more ideas i  a next post of video, let me know!!


I couldn’t help it, I had to put this one first, because its one of the major ones, I mean come on whats the sense of lying. Does it pay off ? No!!! it gets you no where because the truth always comes out one way our another. Just be direct and honest no matter if the truth is going to hurt let us determine if we can handle the situation. Most women wont put up with men who are liars, i know i personally don’t and I won’t because lying is just silly and have you also forgotten that women are the best detectives and investigators we will find out the truth one way or another.


Its not always about you and what you want or only your opinion, what about a woman’s perspective on things and her opinion. Admit when your wrong instead of being mad about it. Be the bigger person even shes acting petty.


Making promises and plans and never going through with them. Always an excuse about why promises are broken. Women can be very patient but everyone’s cup over flows at some point. For eg: In the beginning of the relationship they promise to always work at it and never get too comfortable. Then they do get comfortable and its like they don’t care to work at it anymore so women are putting in basically 100% and they are barely putting 10 % in the relationship. Sounds familiar to anyone?.


Bad hygiene is a really major turn off for most women. Taking care of yourself from head to toe is important. Let me tell you something most women love when their man is smelling good and  has proper hygiene. Its a turn on for a lot of women. The scent of his cologne or after shave lingering and you smelling it even when hes not around.

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