3 Ways to Lead a Healthier Life

Healthier Life

Healthier Life. The great thing about staying healthy and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle is that. It’s actually so easy as long as you take small steps at a time. Our health, at the end of the day, is all about our habits and what we do every week. So it doesn’t really matter if you binge eat on a Saturday as long as you manage to eat healthily during the rest of the week.

If you’d like to lead a more active life or quit a few of your bad habits, you can start with these simple tips. That way, you’ll be one step closer to your goal and can continue to push forwards without feeling overwhelmed.

#1 Do your heaviest lifting first

If you’d like to exercise more but continue to feel too exhausted after work, you should try to convince yourself to exercise in the morning. It’s important to set aside time for your workout when you have the most energy. Whether this is half an hour after you wake up or half an hour before lunch.

When you do it in the morning, you’re also sending a signal to yourself that this is a priority. Plus you’ll be able to come home after work and feel a bit more rejuvenated and relaxed since you’ve already done your workout. And can look forward to relaxing and eating dinner instead.

#2 Replace your bad habit

While pushing yourself to exercise tends to be a reward in itself as soon as it’s over. It takes a bit more mind power to quit bad habits such as smoking.

One tried-and-tested way to do this is to trick the reward system in your brain by replacing your bad habit with something slightly less harmful – get yourself a vape and some vape juice, for example, and see if you’re able to stick with this for a while.

That way, you can focus on quitting vaping instead after some time which may be a bit easier as long as you don’t do it for too long. It should be a stepping-stone on your way to quitting for good. You know, so it’s not doing you any good if you continue to vape for years.

#3 Enjoy healthy food

Last but not least. It’s going to be a lot easier to eat healthy when you enjoy the food you’re eating. Way too many people are used to getting take-away. They hardly know how to cook up a healthy meal for themselves. So, naturally, they think that they dislike healthy food.

The truth is, of course, that they just don’t know how to cook it properly. A rule of thumb is that roasted veggies with a pinch of salt and olive oil is way better than boiled and mushy veggies, if you add something crunchy in your meals, you’re going to enjoy them way more, and a squeeze of lemon juice will make everything delicious.

Living healthy is actually not that hard when you enjoy it. Being active and eating food that’s good for you feels fantastic. And you’re going to end up continuing with it once you get used to it.


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  • Reply Tanya

    Good post and I’ll definitely follow these steps because I too need to start eating healthier and exercise more.

    October 17, 2018 at 12:36 pm
  • Reply Benita James

    I’m working on number 3. Nice post dear.

    Bernie xx

    October 17, 2018 at 4:17 pm
  • Reply sophie

    Great tips, especially the eating healthy food part.

    October 18, 2018 at 4:11 am
  • Reply Cris Santos

    So true babe I have changed my diet dramatically and you are very right here Happy new week xoxo Cris

    October 21, 2018 at 6:13 pm
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