20 Amazing Uses of Vaseline

20 Amazing Uses of Vaseline
20 Amazing Uses of Vaseline. Vaseline has been around for a very long time and there are lots of different things that it can be used for. It’s also known as petroleum jelly.

Here are a few reasons why it’s good to always have Vaseline in your home

 1. Moisturizes chapped hands
 2. Tames unruly eyebrows
 3. Makes eye shadow last longer
 4. Slicks back stray hairs into a ponytail
 5. Lengthens and thickens your eye lashes
 6. It heals dry cracked heals, coat your feet and cover with socks.
 7. Moisturizes severely dry skin and helps to heal sun burns
 8. Soothes skin after shaving to help relieve razor burns
 9. Helps to get rid of cold sores
10. Helps in treating bug bites, eczema and poison ivy
11. Can be used as a makeup remover
12. Put Vaseline on lips leave for a few minutes then use tooth brush and scrub your lips, you will   have smooth and exfoliated lips
13. Combine your lipstick with a little Vaseline to get a cream blusher for your cheeks
14. Add a little Vaseline to your door hinge it will help to stop it from squeaking
15. Helps in removing blackheads (mix Vaseline with cinnamon apply on area or over face leave for  10-15 mins, rinse and pat dry.
16. Helps fragrance last longer by applying a little to the nape of  your neck or wrist before applying perfume
17. Applying a little Vaseline under your eyes helps in providing moisture and reduces ageing/wrinkles
18. Helps in removing eye lash glue
19. Mix Vaseline with kool aid and you get a nice tinted lip balm
20. Can be used as a facial moisturizer (no it won’t clog your pores)
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