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Why Cheat?

This is a question both men and women ask, sometimes no one can come up with a valid reason why, there are only excuses, excuses and more excuses.

Why do people cheat? Is it to boost your ego? Is it to get back at someone for hurting you? Is it that you have been cheated on too many times so you start doing the same?  Is it that you like to see others hurt?
Is it fun to you sleeping around? Is it that you’re not happy? Is it that you have to sleep with a certain amount of persons to feel good about yourself?
There are so many questions you can ask about why people cheat and most times there isn’t a valid answer
It’s either idk or it just happened.

Some say I cheated because he cheated first or vice versa, if it’s one thing I know never fight fire with fire or hurt another person because they hurt you, it never pays off in doing so; it only causes more hurt and pain.
If you’re not happy in a relationship then leave and save that person from heartbreak and pain and the scars that will come with it all.
If it’s that the relationship is not what it us to be talk about it and try to get back to that happy point instead of cheating. If it’s that things can’t be mended then just come to an agreement and go your separate ways but don’t sit and stick around and pretend and walk around and cheat on that person.
The things you do in life will always come back around one way or another. Don’t walk around hurting others because the same person that you hurt you just might regret that you let that person slipped out of your hands.
If you have been hurt or cheated on by someone forgive them and move on because in the end you’re also hurting yourself by holding on to things from the past.
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