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The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Girly Girl

Happy Friday guys, I hope you enjoy this post!! This is a repost from over my friends Jasmine blog Color U Bold check out her blog guys I know if you do you will be hooked.

Holiday Gift Guide for Her!

My first gift guide of the Holidays season and it’s basically epic! As a girly girl I appreciate every glittery, glamorous, downright fabulous product their is known to womankind! So If you know someone that is a girly girl to the bone, why not share this post with them, see what they like out of it and viola gift ideas you can gift her! Super easy right and heck if you are a girly girl yourself share this with your friends and loved ones for added inspiration hehe! *Hint, Hint*

holiday gift guide for girls

Stocking Stuffers!

 So Let’s get started on cute stocking stuffers! I love finding neat little things to add to a bag or even a cute stocking! My favorite things to get is hand sanitizers like this pink and purple one! NOW I know what you are saying sanitizer…why!!! But everyone needs them but never get them hello girly girls are too cute to get sick haha! Kohl’shas some awesome one($2-3) with really cute animals on them and for the sophisticated older woman she will like this sleek anti-aging hand santizer

EOS Lip Balms and lotion sets are perfect for stocking stuffers. Not only are they super adorable but it keeps our lips and hands feeling oh so good! I’m totally living for their newest collection of lip balms with shimmer and tint

Roll on perfume is a must for on the go! So if you know where they like go and by their favorite in a smaller size! I’ve become quite obsessed with the Pacifica roll on perfumes or try their trio set only $19. They smell soooo good! 
Omg what’s a stocking stuffer without some warm fuzzy stuff! Socks, socks, and more socks go crazy everyone needs socks hah! Get longs socks that can peek out from boots and short socks for late night cuddles next to the fire place! I also found some bomb leg warming socks at Walmart the other day, just saying!!!
Baby it’s getting cold outside break out the gloves and beanies in this one! TheseBetsy Johnson pearl gloves are epic! If you have money check out these Rebecca Minkoff cable knit gloves and get the matching beanie to match! For a lesser price get this full set by Betsy Johnson with the gloves, beanie, and scarf! Try fitting all of that into a stocking stuffer haha! 

Cozy Finds and Pretty Things!

Blanket Scarves! Its winter we need them…but we need to look fabulous too! Everyone that I know is literally craving these plaid blanket scarves! This extra long and comfy scarf from Urban Outfitters is everything! 
Rainboots! These are the cutest things to ever land on earth especially in this pretty pale mint color. Don’t like the rain, no worries, stay in wit Even try these slipper boots for household lounging only $17 or the classic uggs with a twist
Purses! I can’t go anywhere with out talking about a Kate Spade Handbag! They are having an awesome sale over at Nordstrom for this lilac bag! Kate Spades online store is also throwing a 75% sale all the way until Saturday, I love this white bag! Grab you a customizable wallet too if you are feeling extra giving! 
I love a good mug, I have several all in my bedroom. Its an addiction, I know haha! I love this blue holographic thermal mug for on the go! Any of these monogram coffee mugs will do! Jewelry is a girls best friend! I love thisrose gold watch from Anne Klein with bangles included or this Rose Gold and Silver Anne Klein Watch with a mother of pearl dial and Sparkling Swarovski crystals! So Gorgeous!  Check out the rings from BaubleBar and these cute ear crawlers from Nordstrom!   

Makeup Heaven

Uuuuuh we all know girly girls love makeup, so how could I forget about that! Lipsticks by YSL for the lipstick lovers,Nail polish by Essie for the nail freaks, and  Anything that is Too Faced like this Christmas Palette Collection! You’ll never go wrong with the beauty blender and high quality brushes…trust me on this one! 

Extra Tidbits Girly Girls Love!

PJ sets you seriously can’t go wrong with especially the ones from Victoria Secret! If you aren’t certain always go up a size and keep the receipt. I also listed below some awesome phone cases, earphones, hair accessories, keychains and candles! 

Did I miss anything? What is 2 things you would want out of these gifts? Let me know in the comments below!

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Gift guide for girls

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