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    One day love?!

    Hey guys Happy Tuesday!! And Happy Valentines Day!! to those who celebrate it whether single in a relationship or married, in my opinion love should be celebrated everyday not just one day!. Gifts and roses should be given at anytime and any day not just one specific day. Giving your other half a romantic gift or dinner or surprise can be done at anytime, so why wait until valentines day to do it.

    Some people think valentines day is cliche, to me its just another day, if I do get a surprise that’s ok but I don’t really celebrate it. If you feel to give your special someone some roses, chocolate or just something thoughtful that’s ok, that doesn’t mean you celebrate it but at the same time nothing is wrong i f you didn’t get a gift.

    Love should be known all year round, you should always want to pamper your other half, buy them gifts and give them roses and go all out and do extravagant things for them all the time. Surprise your other half sometimes, make them feel loved and appreciated and this goes both ways!!

    As women we love getting pampered and some never return the favor to their partner. Men loves to be pampered and I can say this from experience, they love it especially when you give them attention and TLC ( tender loving care). Just like us as women we pay attention to the little details know that they do too they may not say it but trust me they do.

    Making your partner feel loved and wanted will let them feel and want to always be around. Don’t get me wrong i’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate the day, i’m just saying don’t limit yourself to giving the extra amount of love you give on that day, show that love whenever you get the chance.

    Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you think its cliche? Do you like getting gift on this day or it doesn’t matter?

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