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    Always Stay Humble And Kind

    Always Stay Humble

    Always Stay Humble in all you do and where ever you reach in life.

    Being humble is the best thing you can do in life. The humble calf always gets the most milk. Have you ever herd that saying? What does it mean to you?

    Sometimes in life God allows us to reach certain places and achieve certain things in life but for some they feel they have reached heaven so all the humbleness  disappears. Some people start acting like they started at the top of the ladder or start acting like they are better than you are. While some pretend as if they don’t know you or look down on you. What some people fail to remember is you might be at the top of the ladder and fall straight to the ground. And when they fall they may even fall lower than the persons who they looked down on.

    This is one of the many reasons we should all humble our selves because we don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Sometimes God allows certain things in our lives to happen to teach us lessons.  In order for us to look into ourselves and make the changes we need to make in our lives.

    Staying humble can get you a far way in life.  But once you start doing the opposite remember the end results is not always rewarding. Not because you are in a higher position than someone gives you the right to talk down to them. In Gods eyes we are all equal, no one is better than the other.

    Kindness is a major thing that many people don’t feel that they should do. Kindness is such an amazing thing and an amazing feeling. Showing kindness to someone by just giving them an encouraging word or helping an elderly person across the street are simple acts of kindness. You never know what your kindness can do for someone, it may just brighten their day. The kindness you may give to others may not come back in the same form but it always comes back to you. One way or another.

    Sometimes I sit and watch how mean and heartless people can be which makes me so sad. You should always be kind and humble wherever you go. That same person you may bash today maybe the one who gives you a job tomorrow. Never forget to always stay humble and kind no matter where you go and how far you have reached in life. Staying humble has greater rewards than forgetting where you are coming from.

    One last thing before I go never forget where you are coming from. Appreciate where you are and also appreciate where you have been.