Simple Formal Date Night Outfit

    Location: Jamaica

    Hey there loves!! Is date night  coming up for you and you have no idea what to wear. Your outfit should be formal or elegantly casual. This is my date night outfit Idea.  This outfit is simple chic comfortable and effortless, you can pair it with a pop of colour when it comes to the shoe, but I used black.  So you can do matching clutch with shoes to spice it up a bit more.


    This does not have to be a date night out fit it can be a simple formal outfit for an outing and if you feel that too much of your stomach is outside you can put on a tank top under the crop top.




    Can I tell you guys a secret!! The skirt was a tad bit too big when i just got it it was k but i lost a little weight so I had to pin the back lol!!! Don’t laugh at me it worked out perfectly and if i didn’t let you in on the secret you would not have known!!! I hope you all have a great weekend. Oh!!! before I go I know you loves may want ti know where I got this outfit. I got my outfit HERE.

    Also here is a video of all the recent outfits I did in a video compilation I do hope you loves enjoy watching and  subscribe if you aren’t and share!!!