Tell Her How You Feel Its Either Yes Or No

    Tell Her How You Feel

    Tell Her How You Feel because that opportunity may pass you by and you may even regret not saying it sooner. Too often I see guys shy a way from telling a girl how they feel and in the end they regret it. The fact is you talk to her almost everyday why not tell her?. Whats holding you back? Is it fear that she will reject you?. Are you thinking you are not good enough for her?.

    Hang out with her. It does not have to be anything fancy, go to a movie you both want to see. Have lunch together sometimes and use your actions and show her how you feel about her. My biggest advice to you is be you and be genuine. If you are brave enough to use words also do tell her especially if she is not taking the hints.

    Compliment her on her good days and on her bad days and be playful. Some may not like when a guy is playful but most do. Just be respectful while being playful. Do not just be playful so you can get on her good side. If she actually does go in a relationship with you, continue being playful through out, be consistent.

    Tease her but while your at it dont be a jerk about it. Be straight forward with her. Don’t go around corners and winding roads before you get to the point. Make it clear that you like her so she won’t think she intimidates you. If she has the slightest idea that she intimidates you there may be a chance that you can get friend zoned.

    Do not be like the other jerks she has met in the past. be different, set yourself apart from the rest so that she can be impressed by you. Do things that are unusual. Come up with your own ideas on ways to steal her heart. Use up pinterest google you name it and get ideas and then twist it to your liking if you want to.

    Flirt with her. As i always say anything your doing be respectful. Flirt with her in the most sensual, sexy way you can while respecting boundaries and making her smile. Hold her hands, rub your hands on her cheeks and look deep into her eyes. Keep her on edge that she is mind blown by you.  You can now finally give her that kiss you both have been waiting for sooo long. While some ladies are shy some will say just kiss me already!!. Lol if you do get that ultimatum don’t hestitate!!!.


    If Tell Her How You Feel all your hard work did not pay off and she still friend zoned you. That just simply means she was not for you or it may be the case that she does feel the same way but she is not ready for a relationship. If that’s the case just take things slow. Sometimes things take time and if she is worth the wait you will never regret it in the end. The point is don;t rush a relationship, what is for you will always be for you. And if it did not work out know that your Ms right is out there and you will find each other in time.