Las Vegas Seafood Cafe Black River Jamaica

    Las Vegas Seafood Cafe

    Location: Jamaica

    Hey Loves! Today’s post is about my bro’s trip to Las Vegas Seafood Cafe.
    So today loves the post will be a bit different i will be sharing with you loves my bro’s adventure to a restaurant here in Jamaica. Each Friday he goes on a new adventure to somewhere he has never visited. So I hope you enjoy reading! now on to the post.
    Kadeene Scott here 🤗, it is my pleasure to be sharing with you this wonderful post.
    So, a little insight about me. 24 years old, I’m a Radio Broadcaster, a foodie, travelholic and I love the beach.
    Recently, I started getting up on Friday mornings with the urge of visiting somewhere I’ve never been or have experienced before. This Friday morning was nothing short of adrenaline rush and excitement to do so.

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