My Top 3 Sunglasses To Rock In The Summer

    My Top 3 Sunglasses

    Hey loves today i will be sharing with you My Top 3 Sunglasses that I am loving!. I would choose sunglasses over hats any day. Sunglasses to me is a very great accessory to have. It can bring life to a simple outfit or even give your already gorgeous outfit a pop. Do you know what I mean?.

    This first pair I bought in a local pharmacy here in Jamaica a couple years ago. I was just randomly searching their shades rack and I saw it and loved it.

    My Top 3 Sunglasses


    Next is this Hollow Out Butterfly Shaped Sunglasses. Its currently out of stock which is such a bummer but you loves can still check for when its back in stock and there are also many other different types which you may like.

    My Top 3 Sunglasses

    Lastly are these Full Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses I am so in love with this sunglasses!!. I think its my fave out of all 3. The only con was that the handles are a bit long for me but otherwise these shades are so gorgeous and i love it!.

    My Top 3 Sunglasses

    I find that I love cat eye frames more than any other shapes. To me that’s what suits me best for my face shape. I maybe wrong but its just my fave shape of sunglasses to wear. If you notice they all have a similar kind of cat eye look. Even my tested glasses has a bit of a cat eye to it.

    The last 2 sunglasses I purchased them from Zaful. They also have many other gorgeous sunglasses that you loves can check out. I’m pretty sure you will leave with not only one but more than one. Its hard to resist trust me I know this all too well.

    I hope you loves enjoyed my My Top 3 Sunglasses post and also I have a video up on my channel showing you loves me trying them on so be sure to check it out!!.

    Always remember to BE YOU DO YOU AND LOVE YOURSELF.